My Jack Daniel's Collection

During our 2006 family trip to Lynchburg TN I purchased this branded barrel unfinished. I sanded and stained the barrel later that summer.

My first bottle was this Limited Edition Single Barrel 1 of only around 240 made for the occasion listed on the neck tag.

Next was this 50mL Single barrel signed by Master Distiller Jimmy Bedford

Next was this 1915 Gold Metal Edition signed by Master Distiller Jimmy Bedford and Master Taster George Stone. This bottle was unregistered when I got it, now it is registered with the Jack Daniel's Distillery in my name.

Next was my 1981 Gold Medal.

My Maxwell House. I bought it empty, can't afford it unopened. Check Ebay if you don' believe me.

My Belle of Lincoln. Also Empty.

Jack Daniels made beer for a very short time.